WYTFLIET, Cornelius (1555-1597). Florida et Apalche. A Douay: Aux despens de François Fabri, 1605.

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WYTFLIET, Cornelius (1555-1597). Florida et Apalche. A Douay: Aux despens de François Fabri, 1605.

Single sheet, float-mounted and framed (11 4/8 x 13 5/8 inches; 9 x 11 inches to the neat line). Fine engraved map of the Atlantic seaboard and Caribbean coast of America from approximately South Carolina to northeastern Mexico, including part of Yucatán and Cuba, title within a fine mannerist strapwork cartouche upper right (closed marginal tear to right-hand margin).

A fine, early and important map of the southeast showing the Rio Grande as Rio Escondido  and the Mississippi as Rio del Spirito Santo. From the first French edition of Wytfliet’s "Descriptionis Ptolemaicae augmentum”, “Histoire Vniverselle des Indes”. A Douay: Aux despens de François Fabri, 1605. It is  “drawn from the Abraham Ortelius—Gerónimo de Chaves map entitled La Florida, published in 1584. However, here Wytfliet expands the area covered south to include parts of Cuba and north to C. de Arenas or the area of the Outer Banks of Carolina. It also enabled him to include the territory called APALCHE. Most of the cartography is derived from the explorations of Hernando de Soto during the years 1539-42. As such it is one of the few maps of the sixteenth century to record inland information largely drawn from first hand European sources. Along with the Ortelius map of 1584 and the Johannes Metellus of 1598, these are the only printed maps of the present day southern United States published in the sixteenth century” (Burden 104). Cumming, The Southeast in Early Maps 18. Goss, The Mapping of North America 20. Jackson, Flags along the Coast. pp. 7 & 100. Kohl 225n & 264. Lemmon, et al, Charting Louisiana: Five Hundred Years of Maps, Plate 3, p. 25. Lowery 83n. Martin & Martin, Plate 6 & p. 75; Phillips, America, p. 279. Schwartz & Ehrenberg, The Mapping of America, p. 83. Van der Krogt (editor), Koeman’s Atlantes Neerlandici 371:11:16 (illustrated 9400:371).