VISSCHER, Nicholas (1649 - 1702). Flandriae Comitatus Pars Septentrionalis... Amsterdam: Visscher, after 1683.

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VISSCHER, Nicholas (1649 - 1702). Flandriae Comitatus Pars Septentrionalis... Amsterdam: Visscher, after 1683.

Single sheet (21 x 24 ¾, full margins showing the plate mark) (Light browning to margin edge, excellent condition)

An exceptionally fine engraved map of Northen Flanders; hand-colored by the Master Colorist Dirk Jasz Van Santen.
We find this map vividly colored in outline with decorative borders, embellishments, and landmarks fully colored, in rich and exotic colour combinations, with added elements to clothing and to masonry heightened in gum Arabic and gold.
This magnificent, large scale map of northern Flanders shows the Belgian region around Bruges/Brugge in the centre, reaching north as far as the Channel coast with Oostende and Knokke-Heist, and to Deinze and Roeselare in the south. Included in the landscape is the important, influential, and beautiful city of Bruges, in 1680 part of the Spanish Netherlands, now in Belgium.

"Van Santen applied transparent and opaque colours at the same time in both mixed and pure tints. He often painted the whole surface of the map or illustration, transforming the graphic light and dark contrasts into colour. To dark areas representing shadows, clothing pleats or the 'repoussoir', the foreground of a landscape, he applied his characteristic shiny varnish; this had the effect of brightening the colour. He devoted a great deal of attention to skies and horizons, frequently making use of the same colour progression...." (Goedings).
Atlases and books coloured by van Santen are found in the libraries of the most prominent collectors of the golden age of Dutch cartography "...Bibles and atlases, bound in deluxe bindings by Albert Magnus (1642-1689) and decorated by van Santen were considered gifts worthy of princes. Travellers and poets wrote about this work" (Goedings). Colouring authenticated by Truusje Goedings, author of "Dirk Jansz. Van Santen...a survey" 1992.

This map is likely taken from a large composite Atlas Minor, compiled in the early 18th century.
The Visscher family was a household name for art dealers and cartographers in the 17th century. Founded by Nicholas Visscher, this work is known for the high quality of engraving, exceptionally fine ornament, and accurate geographical information. No two of the Visscher atlases seem to have been identical in content. Most later composite atlases selection of maps by the Visschers as well as other cartographers. The Atlas might have contained maps by Joan Blaeu, N. Visscher, Frederick de Wit and Carolus Allard among others.
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