VANCOUVER, George (1757-1798). A Chart Shewing part of the Coast of N.W. America. London: J. Edwards & G. Robinson, May 1st 1798

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VANCOUVER, George (1757-1798). A Chart Shewing part of the Coast of N.W. America, With the Tracks of His Majesty's Sloop Discovery and Armed Tender Chatham; Commanded by George Vancouver Esqr. and prepared from the foregoing Surveys under his immediate inspection by Lieut. Edwd. Roberts in which the Continental Shore has been correctly Traced and Determined From Lat. 29¼54'N. and Long. 244¼33'E. to Cape Douglas in Lat. 58¼52'N and Longd. 207¼20'E. during the Summers of 1792, 1793, and 1794. London: J. Edwards & G. Robinson, May 1st 1798

Single sheet (33 x 26 inches). A fine engraved chart of the northwest coast of America, showing the coast from western Alaska to northern Mexico (old folds).

Single sheet (26 x 33 inches). A fine engraved map of the northwest coast of America showing Prince William's Sound and surrounding areas in Alaska, with an inset of 'A Survey of Port Chalmers' top right.

A bright, attractive and important chart from the Atlas volume to Vancouver's "A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and Round the World...", London: Printed for G. G. and J. Robinson and J. Edwards, 1798.

Vancouver had served on Captain Cook's second and third voyages and "was made commander of a large-scale expedition to reestablish British rights, resulting from the Nootka Convention, at Nootka Sound; to thoroughly examine the coast south of 60 degrees in order to find a possible passage to the Atlantic; and to learn what other establishments had been founded by other powers. This voyage became one of the most important ever made in the interests of geographical knowledge. Vancouver sailed by way of the Cape of Good Hope to Australia, where he discovered King George's Sound and Cape Hood, then to New Zealand, Hawaii, and the northwest coast of America. Vancouver surveyed the coast of California; visited San Francisco, San Diego. and other Spanish settlements in Alta California. investigated the Strait of Juan de Fuca, discovered the Strait of Georgia; circumnavigated Vancouver Island; and disproved the existence of any passage between the Pacific and Hudson Bay" (Hill).

"This is one of the most important voyages for the history and the cartography of the northwest coast in general and of Alaska in particular" (Lada-Mocarski). Hill 1753; Howes V23; Lada-Mocarski 55; Lande 1495; NMM 142; Sabin 98443; Staton & Tremaine/TPL 688; Streeter sale VI:3497; Wagner I, pp.239-50.