SFONDRATI, Coelestin (1644-1696). Innocentia vindicata. Monastery of St. Gall: Jacobus Muller, 1695.

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SFONDRATI, Coelestin (1644-1696). Innocentia vindicata, in qua gravissimis argumentis Ex.S. Thoma petitis ostenditur, Angeslicum Doctorem pro immaculato conceptu Deiparae Sesisse & Scripsisse. Pars Prior Theologica. Monastery of St. Gall: Jacobus Muller, 1695.

Folio (11 2/8 x 7 4/8 inches). 36 (of 46) magnificent full-page engraved plates by Gabriel Ehringer (1652-1736) (a few text leaves browned). Modern half vellum

Provenance: inscribed by the abbot of the Abbey of St. Cecilia in Castinatelli, southern Italy, Nicolai Gilberti, on the title-page

The emblems attest to the purity and other attributes imbued in the Virgin Mary, and include lilies, roses, and unicorns. Landwehr 543.