ROCA, Carlos (1786-1851). Carta geogr.o topográfica de la isla de Cuba. Barcelona: José Jasme-Valcourt,1835

$ 46,000.00

ROCA, Carlos (1786-1851). Carta geogr.o topográfica de la isla de Cuba:  dedicanla a la Reyna Nuestra Señora Doñ a Isabel II, El Teniente General Conde de Cuba y la Comisión de Gefes y Oficiales Militares y de Agrimensores Públicos que la levantó y formó de su orden en los años de 1824 á 1831. Barcelona: José Jasme-Valcourt,1835

EXCEPTIONALLY FINE folding wall map of Cuba in six sheets (each 51 2/8 x 27 inches), each laid down on linen in 12 sections and trimmed with blue silk, the title within a superb historiated cartouche lower left, and surrounded with 8 insets, engraved by Domingo Estruch, 20th-century labels on the verso of each sheets.

Provenance: with  Butterfield & Butterfield, 9/18/00; from the important cartographical library of Warren Heckrotte, his sale, Rare Cartography, Exploration and Voyages, Part III, March 10th, 2016, lot 183 

A MONUMENTAL MAP OF CUBA, and the first topographical map of Cuba, preceding Rafael Rodríguez Rodríguez's Atlas Cubano, the first atlas of Cuba in 1841.

Issued two years after the accession of the infant Isabel II to the Spanish throne and one year after the appointment of the infamous Miguel Tacon y Rosique (1775 - 1855) as Captain of Cuba, a post which he held until 1838. Known as one of the island's most despotic rulers, he expelled the great patriot Jose Antonio Saco, abolished the magazine 'Revista bimestre de Cuba' and deported hundreds of young men because of their liberal ideas (The Getty Museum online). His rule marked a new political direction for the island's government: Cubans no longer had the benefits and rights of Spanish citizens, a change which ultimately led to a new national sensibility.

With detailed insets of: 

Plano De La Ciudad Y Pueblo De La Habana;  

Plano De La Ciudad De Santiago De Cuba; 

Plano De La Bahia De Cuba; 

Plano De La Ciudad Y Bahia De Sn. Carlos Mantanzas; 

Plano De La Ciudad De Trinidad; 

Puerto De Casilda; 

Ciudad de Sta. Maria De Puerto Principe; 

Co. Mola ó de Sn. Nicolas De la Isla de Sto Domingo

Cueto, Cuba in Old Maps, no. 70. and p 18. Also, Cueto, "Cuban Cartography 1500-1898", in Cuban Studies, v. 27 (1998), no. 188.