ROBERTS, Sir William (1638-1688). The Address of the Freeholders of the County of Middlesex... London: Francis Smith, 1680.

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ROBERTS, Sir William (1638-1688). The Address of the Freeholders of the County of Middlesex, Made and Delivered in Writing the Third day of this instant March, 1680. at Hamstead-Heath, unto Sir William Roberts Knight and Baronet, and William Ranton Esq; after they were declared to be elected Knights to Represent the said County of Middlesex in the next Parliament to be holden at Oxford the One and twentieth of this Instant. London: Printed for Francis Smith, at the Elephant and Castle in Cornhill, near the Royall Exchange. 1680.

Folio (11 4/8 x 7 2/8 inches). Single leaf, printed on both sides (one edge torn with loss).

"...we do request, That in the next Parliament, wherein we have Chosen You to Sit, and Act, That You will with the greatest Integritie, and most undaunted Resolution, Joyn with, and Assist the other Worthy Representatives, and Patriots of this Nation, in the Searching into, and preventing the Horrid and Hellish Villanies, Plots and Designs, of that wicked, and restless sort of People, the Papists, both in this, and the Neighbouring Kingdoms". ESTC R21516. Catalogued by Kate Hunter