POLK, James Knox (1795-1849). Message from the President. December 2, 1845. Washington: Ritchie and Heiss, 1845

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POLK, James Knox (1795-1849). Message from the President. December 2, 1845.  Washington: Ritchie and Heiss, 1845

8vo., (9 6/8 x 6 2/8 inches). Folding "Map of the Route Purued by the Late Expedition under the command of Col. S. W. Kearny,... by W.B. Franklin...1845", and 7 folding tables. As issued without binding and untrimmed (dampstained).

Polk announces that Texas has complied with all the terms of the joint resolution on annexation and asks for early action admitting Texas into the Union. However "before Texas accepted the invitation to become a state, Polk instructed General Zachary Taylor, commanding troops in Louisiana, to advance into Texas and continue to the Rio Grande once the invitation was accepted. While these bellicose moves were being executed, Polk sought to settle matters by diplomacy. He dispatched John Slidell on a secret mission to try to adjust the boundary at the Rio Grande, pay Mexico up to $40 million for California, and assume payment of the American claims. The U.S. consul at Monterey, California, was instructed to prevent any attempt by a foreign government to take California, a response to Polk's fear of British designs.

"Slidell's mission failed, and a revolution in Mexico brought into power a defiant president, who claimed that Mexico extended to the Sabine River and pledged to defend all the territory he claimed. With Taylor's forces now on the north bank of the Rio Grande, a clash of arms was inevitable. Facing Mexican inflexibility, Polk had only one way to achieve his aims--war" (James A. Rawley for ANB). Streeter Texas 1623; Wagner-Camp 117.