[PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD]. Guide for the Pennsylvania Railroad, with an Extensive Map; including the Entire Route, with all its windings, objects of interest, and information useful to the traveller. Philadelphia: T. K. and P. G. Collins, 1855.

$ 450.00

8vo., (9 x 5 ¾ inches). Large folding frontispiece map, original hand coloring in full (unevenly browned). Original publisher’s drab printed paper boards (rebacked in cloth).

First edition thus. Includes the important “Map of the Pennsylvania Rail Road from Harrisburg to Pittsburg; and of the Columbia & Lancaster & Harrisburg R.Rs. from Philadelphia to Harrisburg 1855. H. Haupt, Chf. Eng. J.P. & J. Lesley, Jr. Topographers.” Founded in 1846, the Pennsylvania Railroad became one of the largest railroads in United States history, in its heyday managing a budget larger than that of the government. This slim volume highlights the importance of Pennsylvania, and in particular the Pennsylvania Railroad, in connecting the eastern seaboard with the rapidly expanding territories to the West: “The Pennsylvania Railroad is a very important link in the chain which binds, by a direct connection, the eastern or Atlantic cities with those situated on the Ohio and Mississippi. Taking Boston and New York as points of departure for the west, say for Cincinnati, as a central point, the traveller saves in distance, in time, and in expense, one day’s journey by this road. If he wish to approach any city in the west by a direct line from these points, he must go through the territory of Pennsylvania” (p. 29).