OTTENS, Reiner (1698-1750) and OTTENS Josua (1704-1765). Atlas van Zeevaert en Koophandel door de Geheele Weereldt. Amsterdam: Reinier & Josua Ottens, 1745.

$ 145,000.00

Folio. (22 2/8 x 14 inches). Title-page printed in red and black with engraved vignette. Engraved dedication leaf, and 32 fine double-page, and or folding, engraved maps with contemporary hand-color in outline ("Register" and plate one, the double-hemisphere world map loose). Contemporary maroon backed speckled paper boards (extremely worn).    

AN ENTIRELY UNSOPHISTICATED AND INTERNALLY FINE COPY of the first Dutch edition of this magnificent sea atlas, dedicated to the Dutch East India Company, first published in French Louis Renard as the "Atlas de la Navigation" in Amsterdam in 1715. He printed the maps from the plates used by Frederik de Wit for his sea-atlas, corrected them and substituted his name for de Wit's.

The Otten brothers published another French edition, also in Amsterdam in 1739, with their imprint on the title-page, but the maps still signed by Renard. This their Dutch edition of 1745 has new text and removes Renard's name from the maps. In addition to improving nearly all the plates by adding place names and altering coast lines, shoals, and soundings this edition contains six new maps, including two world maps, the most significant of which is by Edmund Halley which shows Isogones illustrating his discoveries concerning gravitational forces. The others are another world map, Arctic and Antarctic projections, and a map of the postal routes of Europe. Koeman IV, p. 432-435; Phillips, Atlases, 601. Catalogued by Kate Hunter