[MORTIER, Pieter (1661-1711)]. Le Neptune Francois. Amsterdam: Pierre Mortier, 1700.

$ 15,000.00

[MORTIER, Pieter (1661-1711)]. Suite de Neptune Francois, ou Atlas Nouveau des Cartes Marines. Levees par ordre expres des Roys de Portugal. Sous qui on a fait la Decouverte de L'Afrique &c. Et donnees au Public par les soins de Feu Monsieur d'Ablancourt. Amsterdam: Pierre Mortier, 1700.

Folio (25 x 20 inches). Letterpress title-page and 5 pages of descriptive text in French. Additional uncoloured engraved allegorical title-page by Jan van Vranen, 1 double-page engraved and folding chart, 12 double-page and 8 full-page maps, all with original hand-colour in outline (of 37, lacking Koeman Mor 7: 1, 6,7, 16, 23, 25, 27,28, 30-37). Contemporary Dutch brown paneled calf, gilt, each cover decorated with a double border of gilt filets, with small daisy tools at each inner corner, and a central gilt medallion featuring an armillary sphere surrounded by a lozenge of acanthus leaves (extremities and spine worn with loss).

Provenance: from the Hamburger Sternwarte/ Hamburg Observatory, with their bookplate on the front paste-down and small library label on the front cover; with Sotheby's, as is, June 13, 1991, lot 310.

First edition in French, published simultaneously in Dutch, of the third part of Mortier's pirated edition of Jaillot's "Neptune Francois" containing charts of outer-European waters, prepared for King Pedro II of Portugal who was at that time supporting France and Spain in the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714). Based on original manuscript maps,  in this example they are mostly of the coast of Africa. Published by Pieter Mortier, a Frenchman who settled in Amsterdam, where he established himself as one of the leading map-publishers of his day, and one of the "wealthiest booksellers of Amsterdam in the last quarter of the seventeenth century... During the first ten years of its life Le Neptune Francois was supplemented by Mortier's "Atlas maritime…", with charts engraved by Romein de Hooghe in 1693, and then [as here] by the "Suite du Neptune François" of 1700" (Koeman), with new rather than derivative maps as in the previous volumes. 

Pieter Mortier was listed as a member of the bookseller's guild in Amsterdam from August 1685, and rented a house at number 9, on the Dam (ie Vijgendam), on which he put the sign "the city of Paris" to reflect the time he had spent living in Paris from 1681-1685, his subsequent close personal and trading relationship with many Parisian booksellers, but also his specialty, which was publishing French books, from which he made a small fortune. At his death he owned: "three houses; bonds, amounting to ca. 93,000 guilders; printing presses, copperplates, valued at ca. 13,000 guilders; books, together ca 34,000 guilders; the remaining stock and shopgood, valued at ca. 18,800 guilders"; in addition to properties held by his heirs.

Mortier's first atlas may have been his re-issue of the atlas by Frederic de Wit. According to Keoman Pieter Mortier "deserves our praise for his initiative in the renewal of atlas-cartography in Amsterdam in the 17th-century. It was he who realised that the maps used for the atlases of the Janssonius Heirs, of Nic. Visscher, of Danckerts, et al., were out-of-date. His knowledge of modern French cartography led him to the copying of the maps by Sanson, published in Paris by Jaillot since 1681". So close to the French originals were they, combined with the common marketing technique of using a Parisian imprint, that Mortier's maps were often stopped at customs, making it necessary for the publisher to swear: "the Atlas by Sanson and the geographical maps, sent to Switzerland have been engraved and printed at Amsterdam, although the name of Paris is on the title-page, which was only done to promote the sales" (Koeman II, page 4 forward).

The maps in this atlas, each with Pierre Mortier imprints, comprise:

Carte Generale de L'Afrique, double-page

Carte des Costes de L'Afrique sur la Mer Mediterranee, et le Detroit de Gibraltar, Les Isles de Madere, et des Canaires, jusques a Tungarral, with three insets: 'Le Detroit de Gibraltar', 'Alger', 'Tripoli', double-page and folding

Le Detroit de Gibraltar ou sont exactement observee La Maree, with two insets of the islands of Ascension and St. Helene, double-page

Carte des Costes de L'Afrique depuis Cap. de Lopo, jusques a l'isle Mazira, with one inset of Fortresse de Mosambique, full-page

Carte Particuliere des Costes de L'Afrique qui comprend le Royaume de Maroc &c., double-page

Carte Particuliere des Costes de L'Afrique qui comprend le Royaume de Gualata, with one inset of 'Royaume de Genehoa', double-page

Carte Particuliere des Costes de L'Afrique qui comprend le Royaume de Cacheo le Province de Gelofo &c., with one inset of L'Isle de Goree, double-page

Carte Particuliere des Costes de L'Afrique qui comprend une Partie de la Guinee et partie de Mina &c., double-page

Carte des Costes de L'Afrique depuis Cabo Corso jusques a Omorro, full-page

Carte Particuliere des Costes de L'Afrique qui comprend une Partie de Congo, full-page

Carte Particuliere des Costes de L'Afrique depuis Cabo Ledo jusques au Cap de Bone Esperance, with one inset of Baie de Saldagne, full-page

Carte Particuliere des Costes de L'Afrique qui comprend le Pays de Cafres, with one inset of I. do. Inhancato, double-page

Carte Particuliere des Costes de L'Afrique depuis C. Del Gado jusques Rio Mocambo, et les Isles aux Environs, full-page

Carte Particuliere de la Mer Rouge, with two insets of Fortification de Monbasa ou Monbaca and L'Isle de Monbasa ou Monbaca, double-page

Carte des Principales Ports de Mer Bancs de Sable &c, qui sont Dans la Mer Rouge, 11 small charts of ports and parts of the Red Sea, full-page

Carte Particuliere de l'Isle Dauphine ou Madagascar et St. Laurens, with one inset of Baye de St. Augustin, double-page

Carte des Isles d'Acores, with two insets of Le Port D'Angra dans l'Isle de Tercera and Le Port de St. Cruz et Autres dand l'Isle de Fayal, full-page and folding

Carte Particuliere d'une Partie d'Asie ou sont Les Isles d'Andemaon, Ceylan, les Maldives, double-page

Le Royaume de Siam Avec les Royaumes qui luy sont Tributaires, et les Isles de Sumatra, Andemaon, etc. et les Isles Voisine. Avec les Observations des Six Peres Jesuites Envojez par le Roy en Qualite de ses Mathematiciens dans les Indes, et a la Chine ou est aussi Tracee, La Route qu'ils ont tenue par le Detroit de la Sonde Jusqu'a Siam, double-page

Carte de la Mer Meridional Contenant une partie des Costes de L'Afrique et de L'Amerique Meridional et les Isles qui les Environs, full-page (detached and a bit frayed at the edges). Koeman; Mor 7. Catalogued by Kate Hunter