MORTIER, Pierre (1661–1711). Partie Orientale du Gouvernement General de Languedoc. Amsterdam: Frederick De Wit, [c. 1710].

$ 900.00

Single sheet, (24 ½ x 21 ¼ inches). Fine engraved map of the former French province of Languedoc, surrounded by a border of yellow wash, with EXTREMELY FINE ORIGINAL HAND COLOR IN FULL, HEIGHTENED IN LIQUID GOLD, the individual regions shown in different bold watercolors of yellow, green, and pink, and decorated with a large compass rose pointing north with a GOLD-ENHANCED FLEUR-DE-LIS (old central fold, slightly toned).

An EXTREMELY FINE engraved map of the Languedoc, with original hand color in full and STRIKING LIQUID GOLD HIGHLIGHTS. The topographical features are rendered pictorially, and fortified cities and monasteries are boldly colored in red, some dotted with liquid gold. This map of southern France is centered on Montpellier and the Gulf of Lyon, covering the region from the Spanish border to Provence. Other regions shown on this map are Nimes, Sevennes, and Marseilles.