MERIAN, Matthaeus (1593-1650) and Martin ZEILER (1589-1661). Theatri Europaei Vierdter Theil Das ist,... Frankfurt: Matthias Merian, 1643

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MERIAN, Matthaeus (1593-1650) and Martin ZEILER (1589-1661). Theatri Europaei Vierdter Theil Das ist: Glaubwürdige Beschreibung Denckwürdiger Geschichten die sich in Europa auch zum theil in Ost- und West-Indien zuvorderist in Hispanien Italien Franckreich Groß-Britannien Schott- und Irrland: In Hungarn Polen Siebenbürgen Wallachey: In der Türckey Persien Moscaw: In Dennemarck Schweden Hoch- und Nieder-Teutschland sonderlich aber im Kriegs-Wesen seydhero Anno 1638. biß Anno 1643. exclusivè begeben haben : Auß vertrewlich communicirten Schrifften/ und andern Documenten/ mit Fleiß zusammen getragen und beschrieben. Frankfurt: Matthias Merian, 1643.

Folio (12 4/8 x 8 inches). Additional engraved title-page (early ink library stamp obscured), letterpress title-page with engraved vignette (lower right-hand corner renewed), double-page engraved map of Germany (lower edge repaired), 28 vignette portraits of Europe's Kings and military leaders, 2 folding panoramas, one double-page and folding map, 42 double-page maps, plans and views (of 43, the battle of Breitenfeld in facsimile, some washed or supplied), one full-page plate, 4 vignettes in the text (dampstained throughout, one or two repairs). Contemporary German paneled vellum over beveled boards, remains of two pairs of clasps and catches (recased, endpapers renewed).

Published just as Europe began to emerge from the Thirty Years War and in a brief hiatus between the first and second English Civil Wars. The Thirty Years War (1618–1648) was a series of wars whose destructive campaigns and battles occurred over most of Europe, which when it ended with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, had completely redrawn the map of Europe.

Merian's extraordinary town books of Europe cover "cover events in Europe over a complete century between 1617 and 1718, comprising more than 20,000 pages of text, approximately 720 maps, plans, views and other prints and nearly 700 portraits. Many items reflect sieges and military actions during, first, the Thirty Years' War, then the several campaigns against the Turks in Hungary and eastern Europe and then the War of the Spanish Succession, as well as other European conflicts in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Matthaus Merian the Elder... contributed many engravings until his death in 1650, some being repeated from his various national topographical works. He was followed by his son Matthaeus the Younger and another son, Caspar Merian. These two sons died in 1687 and 1686 respectively and subsequently the work was continued by their heirs..." (Shirley page 1590-1591). Lipperheide Ci 20. Catalogued by Kate Hunter