LOPEZ, Tomas de Vargas Machuca (1730-1802). Atlas geographico de la America septentrional y meridional. Madrid: Antonio Sanz, 1758

$ 21,000.00

24mo., (5 x 3 4/8 inches). Engraved title-page, portrait of Ferdinand VI, fine folding engraved map of the Americas, 30 full-page maps and 7 plans, (a few plans and maps slightly cropped). Contemporary Spanish tree calf (spine rubbed).


With two maps of California, one of Florida, and an early map of Texas, entitled ''Pays de los Teguas''. The accompanying text provides information on the natural resources of the areas. Most of the maps and plans are by Lopez himself, and he drew them on different scales so they would all be the same size. Lopez was one of Spain's most reknowned cartographers. He spent his early years in Paris as the pupil of the great French cartographer Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville, but in 1760 was recalled to Spain and became Royal Geographer to King Charles III, with the task of mapping all the different regions of Spain. In preparation for such a great task he sent out a questionnaire to parishes, asking them for information on their local area. These regional maps were intended to accompany his ambitious work "Diccionario Geográfico-Histórico de España", which was sadly never completed. Medina (BHA) IV, 3859; Palau 140284; Sabin 41999. Catalogued by Kate Hunter