LATILLA, Eugenio (1808-1861) – DONEY, Thomas (fl. 1844-1852). Cornwallis is Taken! The Watchman’s Cry. Philadelphia 1781. New York: W. Pate, [c. 1856].

$ 750.00

Single sheet, mounted and framed, (21 x 27 inches). Fine engraved scene (margins slightly toned).

First edition. Engraved by Doney after the painting by Latilla. A shadowy and dramatic mezzotint engraving that depicts Philadelphians reacting to the news of General Cornwallis’s surrender to the French and American troops. At the center of the scene is most likely Thomas McKean (1734-1817), the President of Congress, surrounded by his family on the porch of a house. A black woman holds a young white child in the doorway, and behind McKean kneels a Native American woman. Men and children cheer the news of England’s defeat as women look on.