[FRENCH MARITIME ATLAS]. Le Neptune Francois, ou Atlas Nouveau des Cartes Marines. Levees et Gravees par ordre expres du Roy. Pour l'usage de ses armees de Mer. Paris: Hubert Jaillot, 1693 [but Amsterdam: Pierre Mortier, 1693-1700].

$ 475,000.00

3 parts in one volume, folio (625 x 505 mm). ENGRAVED TITLE-PAGES, TITLE VIGNETTES, AND 105 EXCEPTIONALLY FINE CHARTS AND PLATES COLORED BY A CONTEMPORARY HAND, HEIGHTENED IN GOLD THROUGHOUT. 19th-century calf gilt, gilt edges; preserved in a modern cloth clamshell box.  


Part 1: Le Neptune Francois... Paris: Hubert Jaillot 1693.  

Engraved allegorical title-page by Jan van Vianen, letterpress title-page printed in red and black with fully colored vignette dated 1693, engraved table of comparative nautical scales; title-page and plates from the third part bound in here, comprising: letterpress title-page in red and black with fully colored vignette of the coat-of-arms of Amsterdam, Suite du Neptune Francois dated 1700, 19 exceptionally fine plates of ships (only 18 called for by Koeman), numbered 1-18 and one unnumbered plate), 12 plates of flags; and 30 hand-colored double-page charts of northern and western Europe (mainly French coasts and including the world map in Mercator's projection "Carte generale de toutes les Costes du Monde," [Shirley 559]) engraved and printed by Pierre Mortier in Amsterdam, ALL WITH CONTEMPORARY HAND-COLORING AND HEIGHTENED WITH GOLD. (Some staining at beginning, the heavier coloring occasionally showing through, 15 maps with some light chipping and splitting to green color, mostly to marginal latitude and longitude grid, some backed with tape, tiny wormhole to center throughout, extending to short worm track on 12 maps affecting images.) Koeman M. Mor 1 and 2 (mixed issue with some of the 1693 dates removed from the map titles).  

Part 2: Cartes Marines a l'Usage des Armees du Roy de la Grande Bretagne... gravees et recueillies par le Sr. Romain de Hooghe. Amsterdam: PierreMortier 1693.  

Letterpess title-page printed in red and black, with fully colored vignette, 9 engraved charts by de Hooghe, (5 double-page of the French and English Channel coasts and a large folding chart of the Mediterranean incorporating finely detailed insets showing ports and harbors) ALL WITH CONTEMPORARY HAND-COLORING AND HEIGHTENED WITH GOLD. (Tiny wormhole in center affecting images, one map with some light chipping and splitting to green coloring.) Koeman M. Mor. 5 (with some "1693" dates removed from the map titles).        

Part 3: Atlas Martime. Amsterdam: Pieter Mortier 1693.  

Engraved allegorical title-page (Atlas Maritime...) by Romein de Hooghe, dated 1693 engraved compass of the winds, 33 charts (21 double-page and one folding), of Africa, Asia and the Americas (10 charts, including the Atlantic with northeastern coasts of South America and Africa, Central America, North America, East Coast from the Hudson to Labrador, and Canada). ALL WITH CONTEMPORARY HAND-COLORING AND HEIGHTENED WITH GOLD, letterpress title-page, plates of ships and flags bound in before part one (see note above). (Tiny wormhole to center throughout, extending to short worm track on 23 maps of Africa and Asia affecting images, map of "Costes l'Afrique" with southern portion of Portugal, where green outline color burned through, missing.) ( Koeman M. Mor. 7 (the first edition containing 33 charts, see note 1).  

A MAGNIFICENTLY COLORED COPY of one of the most beautiful of all maritime atlases. "The Neptune Franois in two parts and its third part Cartes Marines [prepared for the use of William III, who required accurate information for his war plans against France]... was the most expensive sea-atlas ever published in Amsterdam in the 17th century. Its charts are larger and more lavishly decorated than those of any preceding book of its kind... In 1700, Mortier brought out a third volume with charts of the outer-European waters... Suite du Neptune Francois. Apart from the first volume which had a second edition in 1703, none of the atlases was republished. This magnifient work was intended more as a show-piece than something to be used by the pilots at sea" (Koeman).   The third part includes 10 maps of the Americas: "Carte Nouvelle de l'Amerique Angloise Contenant La Virginie, Mary-Land, Caroline, Pensilvania Nouvel Iorck, N. Iarsey" - "Carte Particuliere de Virginie, Maryland, Pennsilvanie, la Nouvelle Jersey" - "Carte Particuliere de la Caroline" and "Mer du Sud ou Pacifique, Contenant l'Isle de Californe, les Costes de Mexique, du Perou, Chili et le Destroit de Magellanique" See Koeman reference above. Phillips Atlases 517. Catalogued by Kate Hunter