FERRY, Elisha Peyre (1825-1895). Message of Elisha P. Ferry, Governor of Washington Territory, to the Legislative Assembly, Session of 1877. Olympia: C. B. Bagley, Public Printer, 1877.

$ 1,800.00

8vo., (8 ½ x 5 ¾ inches). Original printed wrappers (a bit toned, lower corner chipped).

First edition. An important pamphlet in the history of Washington state and the American West. Ferry served two terms as the Governor of Washington Territory, and later went on to become the Governor of Washington State. From the pamphlet: “No event of an extraordinary character has transpired within our Territory since the adjournment of the last Legislative Assembly. Our people have enjoyed uninterrupted health. Our progress in wealth and population has been as rapid as could have been expected and, under the circumstances, must be regarded as eminently satisfactory. Our isolated position and the great distance to be traveled, and the large expense incurred by immigrants will necessarily operate to retard our advancement until a continuous line of railroad to the Eastern States is secured. Our agricultural, manufacturing and mining industries have been unusually prosperous and, when we contrast our financial condition and business prosperity with that of other localities, we can realize how highly we are favored. Here, the laborer has received remunerative wages; capital has been profitably employed; manufactures have increased; the earth has yielded abundant harvests and all departments of business have been successfully prosecuted; while in other portions of our country wide spread financial trouble, embarrassment and distress have prevailed.”