CAMERER, Eugene (1830-1898) & L. Nagel. A Charming View of San Francisco. SF: Kuchel & Dresel, 1859.

$ 16,000.00

Drawn from nature by Eugene Camerer
Title: A Charming View of San Francisco
Medium: Hand-Colored Lithograph
Date: 1859.
Size: 23 3/4 X 37 1/2 Inches visible; 45 1/4 x 33 inches framed
Publisher: F.R. Reynolds, San Francisco
Printer: L. Nagel
Lithographer: Kuchel & Dresel
View of that Portion of the City of San Francisco at the end of the bustling 1850's, with goats, chickens and children in the foreground adding a rustic flavor to the metropolitan setting.
Seen from the residence of N. Larco Esqre on Green Street, Telegraph Hill, Looking South.