DE LAET, Joannes (1581-1649). Nova Francia et Regiones Adiacentes. Leiden: Chez Bonaventure & Abraham Elseviers, 1640.

$ 1,300.00

Single sheet, (13 ½ x 16 inches, full margins showing the platemark). Fine engraved map of eastern Canada, with a large compass rose, showing an accurate Prince Edward Island and the first depiction of a north-south orientation of Lake Champlain (old central fold, edges browned).


First French edition, first published in Dutch in 1625. This is the first printed map to show Prince Edward Island accurately, and also the first to show Lake Champlain with a north-south orientation. “The map is of considerable importance to the early cartography of Canada and is the source map of several derivatives. Although the cartography of Quebec and the Maritimes in the map draws heavily on Champlain 1613, the configuration of Lake Champlain and Lake St Pierre is considerably improved. C. Blanc (Cape Cod) though, is retained, but a realistic Prince Edward Island appears in its correct position. Newfoundland, however, is given a somewhat unique shape. O’Dea (1971) points out that the De Laet map has more Portuguese names on the coast of Newfoundland than French ones, and it seems reasonable to infer a Portuguese source for the map. Newfoundland was copied by Coronelli much later in the century. Similarly, the map of Newfoundland and the Maritimes by Blaeu, incorporated the De Laet Portuguese place names without change” (Kershaw, p. 88). Burden 230.