DE JODE, Cornelis (1568-1600). Quivirae Regnu, Cum Alijs Versus Borea. Antwerp: Arnold Coninx For Cornelis De Jode, 1593.

$ 35,000.00

DE JODE, Cornelis (1568-1600). Quivirae Regnu, Cum Alijs Versus Borea… Antwerp: Arnold Coninx for Fornelis De Jode, 1593. Full page engraved map with original hand color. Sheet size: 17 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches. Framed size: 29 x 22 3/4 inches. This is the first printed map to show the area of Alaska, and a landmark in the mapping of the American north-west and California. Although printed on a separate sheet in the atlas, this map was intended to be contiguous with de Jode's map of North America to complete the coverage of Morth America in its entirety. This map reaches to the northwestern part of the American continent to the Strait of Anian, which divides North America from Asia. De Jode has adroitly placed two text cartouches to fill the space in the interior as a device to hide his lack of geographical knowledge, but the vignettes of Tartar-style figures and buildings, and accompanying text, reflect the contemporary view that the region was populated by migration from Asia. At the top of the map are four legendary islands believed to encircle the North Pole, and a strait running across the north of North America, apparently forming a navigable channel from Europe to Asia, the famous North-West Passage. Highly decorated with sea monsters and galleons, this map is appealing for both its beauty and its historical significance.