MOURON, Marcia. You Can I Can: You Don't Have to be an "I CAN'T"!

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MOURON, Marcia. You Can I Can: You Don't Have to be an "I CAN'T"!

4to., (8 x 8 inches). Illustrated throughout by Ernie Eldredge. Original illustrated paper boards. AS NEW.

My I CAN philosophy is if I catch myself thinking something sounds fun then I try it. I have got to say life really has been an amazing adventure following this philosophy.

First edition, first printing. 

Very young children are amazing little beings, always investigating and trying new things. THEN I Can't thinking creeps in when they begin to register that some of the things they are trying are kind of hard to do. NEXT comes saying "I Can't do it." This I Can't thinking just limits them so much. Since many new things are hard at first, saying, "I Can't" quickly becomes a habit. Children may say "I Can't" even while they are actually trying. Lack of immediate success only reinforces the I Can't thinking. By the end of the book they will see they are an I CAN just waiting to be!

With rhyme, YOU CAN I CAN speaks about fun things to do and demonstrates that saying "I Can't" means missing out on that fun. Moreover, from the very start one can ALWAYS be an I CAN that tries! Finally, the end of the book reveals the secret of how to go from being an I Can't to an I CAN!

YOU CAN I CAN actually speaks to anyone, any age, who lets I Can't thinking limit how amazing one's life can be.

All of the I CAN's and I Can'ts in the book came about from a casual discussion. One day I spoke with a friend who was taking a challenge...pick something that you have wanted to do and always thought that you couldn't. Then give yourself three months of trying to get it done.

Thinking that idea seemed fun, I continued to play with it. The next morning over breakfast, it flashed through my mind, "Well, if I were to choose, I always wanted to write a children's book." What do you think the next words that flashed into my mind were?..."but I Can't do that." That morning the I Can'ts and I CAN's were born. It has been so much fun. At each step along the way another member of the I CAN Team was added. These dear people have encouraged and supported me offering their time and talent. They helped turn this I Can't of a book into an I CAN. Ok, I admit, it did take longer than three months! Thank you for your interest, Marcia Mouron,

Marcia grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and graduated college in Elementary Education. She has always loved relating to young children, especially seeing their world written on their faces. Being a timid young child herself, she was only too aware of how much fun you miss out on by being worried about not being able to do things or to do them well.

She has built her adult life around the philosophy of  I CAN. One of the main points of the book is for children to understand, “I’m an I CAN…cuz I TRY”! and during the course of her life she has found it important to not fear for others to see her TRY an extraordinary range of creative and constructive activities: Art, exhibiting both collage and acrylic paintings; Ballroom dancing, and entered a competition; Sculpture; Scuba diving; Bee-keeping; Creating a farm full of perennials, fruit trees, wildflowers and friends; Orchestrating retreat days at the farm for people wishing a getaway; Travelling abroad the first time alone; Keeping a blog, Nature Whispers, inspired by her love nature, which she records with photographs; Hiking; Camping; AND, accepting the personal challenge…to write a children’s book