CELLARIUS, Christoph (1638-1707). Kratkoe Rukovodstvo k’ Drevnei Geografii [A brief guide to ancient geography]. St. Petersburg: Imperazhorskoy Akademii Nauk’, 1788.

$ 24,000.00

4to., (10 x 8 ¼ inches). (Occasional pale stains). 28 fine folding engraved maps (slightly toned). Contemporary calf, the spine in six compartments separated by five raised bands, red morocco lettering piece in one and decorated in the rest (lacking flyleaf, extremities of spine worn with loss, some staining).

Provenance: Contemporary manuscript ownership inscription to title page; ink library stamps to title page and occasionally throughout.

Second Russian edition, first published in Leipzig in 1686. Extremely rare Russian edition of Cellarius’s famous work on ancient geography. The maps in this St. Petersburg edition are very close copies of those in the near-contemporary editions of Cellarius’s Geographia antiqua, retaining the overall design and cartouches but with the substitution of Cyrillic lettering. The maps are: 1. Gishpania drevnya; 2. Galliya Narbonskaya; 3. Galliya Belgicheskaya; 4. Drevnee Britanskikh’ Ostrovov’; 5. Italiya drevnya; 6. Oblasti Italii; 7. Sitsiliya Drevnya; 8. Germaniya drevnya; 9. Vindelitsiya Retsiya Norik’; 10. Pannoniya Miziya, Datsiya lllirik’; 11. Thrakiya drevnya; 12. Carmatsiya; 13. Gretsii drevnei; 15. Gellada ili Gretsiya sobstvenno; 14. Makedoniya Tessaliya Yepir’ [bound out of order]; 16. Aziya Menshaya; 17. Bospor’ Meoticheskii; 18. Mesopotamiya i Babiloniya; 19. Arabiya Kameinistaya i Pustaya; 20. Siriya; 21. Palestina ili Zemlya Svyataya; 22. Vostok’Persiya, Indiya; 23. Skithiya i Serika; 24. Egipet’i Kirineya; 25. Egipetsk delta; 26. Afrika Sobstvenno; 27. Mavritaniya i Numidiya; 28. Afrika Viutrennya.

Christoph Cellarius (also known as Christoph Keller) was a German scholar who popularized the concept of a tripartite division of history: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern. Though he was not the first to put forth this theory, his promotion of the idea gave it traction. Not in Phillips (Atlases).