Walton Ford: A Modern Day Naturalist May 05 2017


Walton Ford


Hard ground, soft ground, aquatint, spit bite, sugar lift, drypoint on Somerset Satin

28 x 22 inches on paper 


Born in 1960 in Larchmont, New York, Walton Ford is an American artist specializing in prints and paintings in the style of naturalist illustration, often depicting extinct and rare species.  Deemed as a modern-day naturalist, his works, though highly realistic in their nature, are filled with symbols and clues referencing a variety of texts, ranging from colonial literature to contemporary travel guides.  Emulating the works of John James Audubon, Ford seeks to recreate the crisp and distinctive style of 19th century naturalists while putting their conventions to work in a close examination of natural history itself.


A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Ford's work can be seen in both private and public collections across America, including both the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art.  He had his first one-man show at the Brooklyn Museum in 2006 and in 2010, his retrospective "Walton Ford: Bestiarium" traveled from Hamberg Bahnhof Museum Fur Gegenwart in Berlin to the Albertina in Vienna, finishing at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark in 2011.  Additionally, he designed the front cover of the Rolling Stones greatest hits album "GRRR!".  Come stop by the gallery to check out his awesome work!