Spring has Sprung: Pierre-Joseph Redoute's Rose Indica Subviolacea May 03 2017

Pierre-Joseph Redoute (1759-1840)

Rosa Indica Subviolacea- Le Rosier Des Indes 

 From Les Roses

Paris: 1817-1824

Fine-stipple Engraving

18 1/2 x 13 inches

Pierre-Joseph Redoute was a painter and botanist from the Southern Netherlands, best known for his watercolors and prints of roses, lilies and other flowers.  He was an official court painter to Marie Antoinette and continued painting throughout the French revolution, surviving the tumultuous political upheaval and gaining international recognition.  He worked closely with the worlds greatest botanists to create over fifty publications depicting everything from French court flowers to exotic plants from Japan, India, and South America.

This print, with its beautifully colored and multi-shaded red roses, illustrates the care with which Redoute studied his precious flowers.  Its impeccable detail indicates the social importance of such images, as natural history was a fashionable pastime amongst the eighteenth and nineteenth century aristocratic society.  Important figures such as The Second Duchess of Portland and Empress Josephine sought to cultivate such roses for the expansion of their infamous gardens and used the flowers are ornamental elements throughout their homes, proudly showing them off to their diplomatic and scholarly guests.